Our long experience in automation systems and manufacturing processes enables us to provide you, our customer, with the most efficient, high end and high quality solutions. These are some of the services we can provide. 

Automation project management


Whether they be key-in-hand or support implementations of automation systems, we are the team for you. Our 20+ years of experience in the design, implementation and deployment of automation solutions makes us more than qualified to manage your projects. 

Process studies


If your unsure or would like to validate the need for change in your automation systems we are ready to provide you with pre-studies that allow you to better understand your processes,the changes needed and how much they will cost you. 

Production management tool development


If you require support tools to manage your production we're experienced in developing on both legacy and independent platforms, both server-client based and stand-alone.

​IIoT compatible automation


Our legacy experience in EU research projects has provided us with a unique kind of experience in IIoT devices and implementations. We are familiar with web technologies such as DPWS, REST, and other W3C standards that can enable high visibility, control and monitoring capabilities in automation systems. 

​Electrical Design


No self respecting automation service provider can live without they're own experts in electrical design for automation system. We provide high quality design that fits your needs and is easily scalable. 

​PLC/HMI programming


We have experience in the most common PLC's and HMI's in the market and we are capable of programming them according to your needs. This knowledge in legacy systems coupled with the familiarity we have in internet technologies makes us the best possible automation provider you will ever need. 

SCADA development and deployment


We are familiar with the usage an implementation of both legacy and more modern SCADA systems. Coupled with out other areas of expertise we can provide fully integrated solutions that increase your system awareness and visibility. This will help you make better decisions in the future.  

Service agreements


If what you want is reliable and immediate support for your automated systems we can agree on custom service contracts that allow us to provide you with the type of support you need.